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If you are attending an Arabian nights themed party this year or a Halloween party with a twist, then maybe you can go dressed in an Arab costume to do something a little different and stand out from the crowd. If you are looking for some helpful ideas then please check out some of the costumes listed below, you never know, we may just have exactly what you’ve been looking for.

For any Arabian nights type party there are a few options you can take, you can go dressed as a standard Arabian character in a male or female Arab costume or maybe go as someone famous by wearing a Aladdin, Jasmine or Genie costume from the classic Arabian nights movie, Disney’s Aladdin.

arab-costume-kitArab Costume Kit

This Arab costume kit will be perfectly to make you look like an Arab this year, it comes with pretty much everything you are going to need to make the right impression at your next Halloween or Arabian nights party.

This costume is a very practical one which will make you feel just like an Arab Shiek. It comes complete with a black goaty beird, a white and red shmaagh with the attached ring (halo) around the top of it and finally the dark sun glasses which add an element of comedy as well as mystery.

It doesn’t come with the white Arab cloak but all you need is an old white sheet and some creative stitching to make the costume perfect. It’s a one size fits all so there’s no need to worry about different sizes, and it will usually ship the same day if you place your order before 4pm.

Shiek Arab Costumearab-costume-shiek

Well you don’t have to be planning to go to the middle east to wear this costume, you don’t have to even leave the USA to be just like real Shiek Arab. The rich and powerful lifestyle of a Shiek Arabcan be yours for just one night this Halloween season, so go ahead and impress all of your friends this year and look like an all powerful Shiek. No body will be able to tell you apart from the Arabs of the former Arabian nights!

This high quality adult Shiek Arab costume comes complete with the gold and white bedazzled head piece, the under garment robe to keep you warm and a long blue navy robe which has classy gold trimming to complete the overall effect. This costume really isn’t that different to the realy thing and you really will look great!!

This costume comes in an adult, one size fits all. All you need to really make the costume your own is an Arab sword and a pair of simple, plain black shoes.

princess-arab-costumeAbrabian Princess Costume

It’s not just the men who can have all of the run this Halloween season, with a beautifully made Arabian princess costume you too can look fantastic this year. It’s time for you to bring a whole new world to your Arabian prince.

This costume overall is blue in color and is quite strikingly beautiful to the naked eye. It comes complete with the blue headpiece which has an inset golden jewel attached to it. The costume also displays a mesh chiffon “off the shoulder” top which has a trim around the edge made from sequin trim. The top is matched nicely by the pants provided with this princess costume, they are finished well with a golden colored wasteband.

This womens Arabian princess costume is available in small, medium and large. All you need to add the finishing touches is a nice pair of golden sandels and you’ll be well on your way to making the right impression this Halloween.

What Is A Sultan

A Sultan in the Arabic kingdom holds a lot more religous meaning and weight. A sultan is basically a ruler in the Islamic country, the Sultan was actually seen to be inferiror to the Caliph but would rule over a specific area.

The name caliph in contrast to Sultan was used to distriguish between the religous and political aspects of it’s meaning.

A Sultan is often mistaken for an Arab and when people want to dress up around Halloween they usually say they want to dress as an Arab when often they mean a Sultan.